Head Office / Factory:

      Address: No. 12, South Yunsan Road, Luogang District, Guangzhou (alongside the master bus station of southern science city)

      Tel.: 020-89170888     Fax: 020-89170777       Postcode: 510663


      Beijing Office:

      Address: Room 402, Building 1, Information Science Technology Building of Tsinghua University, Beijing.

      Tel.: 010-62962268    Fax: 010-62983389     Postcode: 100084


      Northeast :       TEL:0431-86883522                     FAX:0431-86883622

      North China:   TEL:010-62962268                       FAX:010-62983389

      Eastern China:TEL:0571-81604301/81604302      FAX:0571-81604303

      Central China:TEL:027-87168330                        FAX:027-87168339

      South China:  TEL:020-89170888                        FAX:020-89170777

      southwest:     TEL:028-65978737                        FAX:028-65978737

      Northwest:     TEL:029-88247636                        FAX:029-88247636

      Henan Province:TEL:0371-63709720                    FAX:0371-63709720

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